MATCH REPORT: Cheadle Heath Nomads 3-2 St Martins

The saints took a trip away to the ProSeal stadium to take on Cheadle Heath Nomads in an exciting game which ended unfortunately for the saints as they lost the game 3-2.

First half:

The first half started off quickly as in a mere 45 seconds the saints took the lead thanks to Tom Ashe who was in the right place at the right time as Harvey Plimmer drove the ball down the left hand side, beat his man and then whipped in a menacing cross on his left foot which was met by and scored by Tom Ashe to give the saints a one goal lead. The Saints then continued to play well as they applied plenty of pressure and were very good at winning the ball back in the first 10 minutes; This shown to benefit them as things only got better for them as in the 15th minute Harvey plimmer won the ball back, drove at the defence, played in Karl Bailey with a through ball which split the struggling Nomad centre half’s, Bailey then went on to tuck it past the keeper on his right foot to give the saints a two goal lead in 15 minutes. Nomad began getting themselves into the game as they attempted to respond quickly at the other end as they won themselves a free kick on the edge of the box, went for goal but George Austin pulled of an impressive save to deny the goal. Nomad then really started pushing to get themselves something before half time as in the 32nd minute they got themselves a goal from a corner as nomads’ Simpson scores an impressive header which tucked into the top right hand corner. The last event of the half came from Cheadle as they got themselves another chance just before half time, a ball was whipped into the box and they won the header but it hit the post and then bounced along the line before George Austin claimed it.

Second half:

Quick start for the saints in the second half as they looked to extend their lead in the 55th minute as Karl Bailey was played through again by Harvey Plimmer, who played very well this game, Bailey attempted to slot it past the keeper for our third but couldn’t quite converted as it was put behind for a corner; only ten minutes later Cheadle got their second from another corner as they won a header at close range and there was nothing George Austin could’ve done. Things were then only looking up for Cheadle as they continued to dominate in this second half and got themselves a penalty in the 72nd minute, which was a rollercoaster of emotions for all the players on the pitch as Cheadle took the penalty, scored it but then it had to be re taken due to somebody running into the box, they then hit the crossbar on the penalty and the scores remained level; that was short lived though as only in the 87th minute Cheadle got their winner and that was the final blow for the saints as the scored finished a devastating 3-2.

Written by Liam Vaughan

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