MATCH REPORT: St Martins 0-4 Wythenshawe Ams

St Martins hosted 4th place Wythenshawe amateurs in a game where the saints struggled and Wythenshawe showed their quality.

First half:

The first half of this game wasn’t too eventful as the two teams tried to figure each other out. The first shot of the game came from Jamie Hands who found himself open on the edge of the box courtesy of a well worked st Martins counter attack, he took a shot with his left and looked for the bottom corner but the Wythenshawe keeper got down to make a good save. Early worry for the saints as Wythenshawe got themselves a penalty in the 10th minute which was given for handball but the saints had George Austin to thank who made an impressive penalty save to keep the score level; unfortunately not long after Wythenshawe scored due to a misfortunate touch from Calum Bennett who played the Wythenshawe attacker through on goal and he slotted it past George Austin to take the lead. The rest of the half was fairly uneventful as Wythenshawe looked to extend their lead and St Martins looked to get back into it.

Second half:

The start of the second half was bad news for the saints as in the 51st minute Wythenshawe extend their lead by 2 as the Wythenshawe forward chased down a back pass and beat George Austin to it and slotted it away into an open net. Wythenshawe then continued to dominate the start of the second half as St Martins locked something offensively and struggled to establish themselves; Wythenshawe played a cross into the back post but it couldn’t be converted. The best chance the saints had was in the 71st minute as a low cross was played in, it bounced around the box for a few seconds and a shot is taken from a few yards out but there’s not another power to beat the Wythenshawe keeper and he makes a comfortable save. As the game approached its end, Wythenshawe defended well and St Martins continued to press for something big if they were to get back into this game. The game looked to be set in the 80th minute as Wythenshawe made it three thanks to some good football and a squared pass into the box. Although St Martins did play better in the latter part of the second half it wasn’t enough as Wythenshawe continued to defend well and then got their final nail in the coffin with their fourth goal in the 90th minute with a goal very similar to their third as a ball was played down the wing and then squared into the box and it was slotted away to end the game.

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