MATCH REPORT: St Martins 1-2 Maine Road

The saints hosted Maine Road FC in a game which we struggled to break into and lacked a creative spark throughout the game.

First half:

The first half started off with a shock for st martins as the visitors ended up getting themselves the lead after only 4 minutes as their number 9 Daniel Burgess was put through after catching the st martins defence off guard and slipping in 1 on 1, forcing George Austin to come off his line and was chipped to make it one nil to the visitors. The saints attempted to respond quick as only in the tenth minute we seen two quick chances fall to Tawanda Melusi and Karl bailey; Most noticeably Tawanda Melusi’s chance which found him open in space for a header after a long cross in the box but couldn’t get the connection to put it in the back of the net for the equaliser. St Martins then went on to dominate possession for about 10 minutes although Maine Road FC lacked possession they seemed more deadly when on the ball on the attack, nevertheless we carried on creating chances as Karl Bailey got another very good chance as George Durrel played a low ball into the box which was inches away from Karl Baileys boot to get the equaliser. The remainder of that half was fairly lacklustre from the saints as we struggled to create anything after our last chance and went into the break trailing by one.

Second half:

Second half was a change of momentum for both sides as the tides were constantly changing but both struggled to break the others defence down and get a goal. The game was fairly quiet until we picked up a corner in the sixty sixth minute which was played into the box and bounced off of numerous boots in the box and nobody for st martins could put their foot through it to put it in the back of the net and the visitors found themselves very fortunate not to concede there. As the saints continued to find their chances where they could, we found ourselves with a header in the box but it was put whiskers wide of the post and it was looking imminent that we were going to get their leveller sometime soon until the visitors found themselves through on goal once again and it was taken around George Austin who was scrambling for the ball and did do well at first as we stopped the original shot of their attacker but couldn’t claim it as it was eventually put away into an open net and all hope looked lost for us after a very lacklustre performance. We did however manage to get a late goal in the dying minutes of added time from a cross into the box which scrambled around and was eventually put away, unfortunately it was too late to recover and we ended up losing 2-1 despite our late recovery effort.

Overall it was a game in which we struggled to get into, we lacked a creative spark and attacking energy although we did find our chances where we could get them.

Report by Liam Vaughan

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