MATCH REPORT: Cheadle Town 0-1 St Martins

The saints travelled to Stockport to take on Cheadle Town FC for a very tight 90 minutes of football. Chances went either way but a late strike from Brendon Price was the difference maker as St martins ended up snatching a late 1-0 win.

First half:

From kick off you could see how the saints wanted to play, they put a lot pressure on the Cheadle Town defence very early on. Both sides did play well on the ball on attack but st martins were showing their danger from counter attacks in this first half as Karl Bailey had a chance in the 21st minute from a quick counter but he couldn’t find the net as it just went wide of the post.

Goalkeeper George Austin had a very impressive game as he denied the Cheadle Town attackers of any chance of a goal as he was quick off his line, confident and kept the saints in the game at times; Cheadle Town also had a good chance as they played a long ball over the top over the Saints defence which lead to an open net but the forward couldn’t put it away. Score was level at the break

Second half: 

Cheadle Town started the second half very strong as they came out and played quick and the Saints defence did find themselves on the back foot at time early on but managed to stay composed and keep the score level. The home side were the first with a big chance in this second half as their striker was through one on one after a long ball played over the Saints defence but George Austin pulled out another very impressive save to deny the forward.

The Saints then found themselves getting back into the game with counter attacks once again and the Cheadle towns defence did look exposed from these counter attacks as The Saints kept digging at their back line to find a goal; finally in the 71st minute the saints had themselves another counter attack, connected a few passes which led to Karl Bailey playing a back heel pass to set up Brendon Price who slotted it in the bottom left corner just out of the keepers reach to win the game and secure three points for The Saints.

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